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Maple Wood Potbelly Cauldron-4.75 Inch


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This really is a one of a kind ritual cauldron, hand crafted by Grey Bear, the proprietor of "Old World Ways."

This meticulously crafted maple wood cauldron was handmade from old barn support beams from just outside Salem Mass. Hurricane Sandy took down a barn that stood for over 100 years and the support beams where sold to be able for family to fund new barn with metal shell and supports. Outside of the cauldron is finished with Minn Wax polyurethane gloss formula and Casting Resin inside to be able to hold liquids. The wood Cauldrons are not to be used to burn anything in because they will BURN. The tiny holes in the wood are from worms when tree was still standing and they are truly a site when you look at them. I personally have one myself that the worms had a field day with and its wonderful to have the energy from them around the house. They can be used for ritual or just show on your altar. This is hand turned 1 at a time in Port Richey Fl, each Cauldron is unique in its own way.

Size: 4.75 inches x 4.75 inches (3" depth inside)

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