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Woodstock Artisan Perfume Oil


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"Woodstock" unisex fragrance oil formulation 1/8 fl oz in an amber colored apothecay glass bottle. Happy, free lovin' Hippie times, out in the wild and feelin' fine! Ok, Love Children this one is for you! There must have been a Purple Haze visible at this most epic concert of all time. I can see the sights, and smell the scents all the way up to today. Yeah, I know I wasn't there, just let me have my special moment ;) Ahhhhhh One customer described this fragrance as "sex in a bottle" :) Patchouli, Sandalwood, a bit of da Ganja, and some fertile soils might be the thing that gives you a good flashback, so from me to you, here you are! Peace Love, and Hippie-ness!

Fragrance family: Wood/Herbal
Season: Any
Time of day: Any
Mood: Earthy
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