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Wooden Ritual Bowl with Lid


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Of fantastic use for those that would prefer wood upon their altars rather than vessels of stone or metal, this wooden bowl is perfect for your offerings and ritual crafts. Measuring approximately 5" in diameter, its surfaces have been stained and polished in a manner that leaves the wood shining with a beautiful luster, even as its natural grain is accented and revealed. To further augment this, its rim has been decorated with a delicate floral pattern creating a beautiful vessel fit for the serenity of divine and spiritual offering. This pattern further decorates the flat lid, creating a layered, textured surface with a small wooden handle to for ease of use. The whole bowl, with its lid in place, measures approximately 2 1/2" in height and is quite light-weight, making it a valuable addition your ritual tools if you are seeking your magic after a long trek into the wild.
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