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Witches Power Protection Oil - Uncrossing, Reverse Hexes, Banishing


This is an awesome oil blend created to protect witches against other witches. It is made to protect from jelousy, envy, competition, malevolent spells, curses, hexes, jinxes, crosses, fixes, and will break and reverse it back to its source. This formula has been created with very powerful and expensive ingredients such as devil's shoestring, dragon's blood, witches grass, cypress, and so on... I have also added a small citrine stone to dissipate negative energies and keep the ingredients energized.

Anoint doors and windows to keep bad energies from entering your home and to drive away all negative enchantments. Add a few drops to a wash and clean floors, windows and furniture. Add a few drops into your night bath before going to bed to protect you and your witches' powers while you sleep. Anoint your sacred space and dress and burn black candles on your altar to keep negativity away.

Create a protection brew with a few corresponding herbs then add a few drops of this oil and sprinkle the water outside around your property to keep the unwanted away and to protect you from the evil eye and confuse those who plot against you. This oil can also be very useful when dealing with difficult neighbors.

Excellent to anoint witches' amulets, charms, talisman, and rub on protection mojo bags. Add a few drops on a cotton ball and throw it in your purse or pocket.

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