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Witches Cauldron Spirit Board


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*Handcraft by Artist SpiritCloud
*This Spirit Board measures 12x16, which is the perfect size for use, storage, and presentation
*Beautiful wood, hand sanded, and finished with natural stains to highlight the natural beauty of the wood
*The matching planchette has felt feet to glide easily over the board
*A beautiful spread cloth is included to complete the package

In every culture there are traditional occult, magickal, and spiritual methods for performing divination and communicating with the spirits of the dead. They have been known as Ouija Boards, Witch Boards, Talking Boards, Spirit Boards or Oracle Boards. SpiritCloud is proud to present his unique one of a kind handcrafted magickal boards. Each board is pyrographed with care and then covered with multiple clear coats for protection and so the plachette can easily skim the surface. Let this time honored method of communicating with the spirits of the dead help you find the answers you seek!!! The "Witches Cauldron" Spirit Board is one of a kind and will last a lifetime. Perfect for the Witch in your life!
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