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Witch’s Purse Witch’s Brew Ritual Oil


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The Witch’s Purse Ritual Oil is part of the “Witch’s Brew” collection from Coventry Creations. This blended ritual oil is infused with jasmine, date, and ambermusk to create a welcome fragrance for financial prosperity and material abundance.

Jasmine has been long known for its beautiful, attractive scent, but many practitioners also are familiar with its ability to help attract money as well! Date is the fruit of the palm tree and has been enjoyed as a snack, but more ancient cultures have also used their sought-after sweetness even as a currency. Ambermusk has been used for years as a perfume and attractant; it is a mixture of floral and musky fragrances that have been enjoyed by both men and women.

Size: 2.5 drams

If you like the Witch’s Purse blend of oil, you’ll also enjoy its companion Witch’s Purse Witch’s Brew Spell Pillar Candle. They make a great set!

Do not use internally.

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