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Our Wheel Of The Year plaque will surely help you honor the traditional holidays of the ancient Celts with this seasonal pictorial calendar. Rich symbolism in loving detail, this plaque represents each of the 8 commonly practiced sabbats within modern paganism. There are 8 metal loops on back allow you to hang any date upright at the top. This would make a fabulous addition to your home or sacred space within your altar. The Wheel Of The Year happens to be held close to the hearts of earth based paganism as the seasons change, they allow us to connect with the different energies associated with each. The sabbats also help us to have reverence and acknowledge to "the old ways" that we as people use to live so closely accustom to, as the seasons depicted important roles within day to day life.

Size: 11½ inch resin plaque, wood color finish.

About the Wheel Of The Year Imagery On This Plaque:
•Samhain: November 1st, The imagery on the plaque for Samhain show pumpkins, a cauldron as well as what looks like trees that have met the end of autumn. The veil is at it's thinnest. Many Wiccans consider Samhain to mark their "New Year".
•Yule: December 20-23, A pentagram which looks like it was created out of bayberry is peaked at the top. A beautiful Yule Log sits underneath with candles atop. Beneath that are pine cones & holly, a common Yule correspondence. This day falls on the Winter Solstice, the longest "night" of the year.
•ImbolcA scene showing what looks like snow is melting, and the first signs of life have come in the shape of a bird to feed. Candles are displayed as well in reference to "Candlemas". This also has a "Brigid's Wheel" to represent the goddess Brigit.
•Ostara: The quintessential symbolism of fertility and new, eggs within a nest are placed in this section with a leaping "bunny" in front of new plant growth. A time of regeneration and rebirth. Ostara is the Vernal Equinox (both light and dark are equal this day).
•Beltane: May 1st, A beautifully adorned, traditionally styled "maypole" is shown within this depiction of Beltane. Representing the masculine energies, this is a time for creation and watching the seeds of ideas or projects "grow". This is also commonly marks the beginning of Summer. Also known as "May Day".
•Litha: June 19-23, Also known as "Midsummer", this is the longest day of the year. The light has taken over and darkness has subsided. We see at first glance of the fruit of our labors and what is to come. This image is of Sun Flowers, which corresponds to the season & the sun.
•Lammas: August 1st,The first of the 3 major "harvests", also known as Lughnasadh, the image shown is of a sheath of wheat, baked bread and grapes. This is a representation of enjoying the fruit of our labor and efforts.
•Mabon21-24 September, Also known as the Autumnal Equinox, this is the day that light and darkness are equal. Some may refer to Mabon as "Wiccan Thanksgiving", as this is a time of bountiful harvest. The images within this section are of a cornucopia (a representation of bounty and hard work paying off).

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