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Victorian Gothic Solid Perfumes - Vegan Friendly .50 oz - "Zombie Juice"


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One solid original Gothic Victorian, highly concentrated perfume in a 1/2 oz slide tin. The base is made from nothing more that a skin healthy raw Palm Butter, and a hint of Organic Jojoba oil. This formulation is perfect for those with dry skin, and who have a difficult time getting fragrances to last.

Fragrance: "Zombie Juice" Artisan Perfume from the "Zombie Love" collection.

Zombies seem to have a bit of a bad diet with all the raw flesh they eat. They need something to wash it down with and here is their favorite concoction:

A fine, dark mixture of sandalwood, coffee & cocoa with a splash of dreamy french vanilla cream, whiskey, a touch of exotic allspice, sage and some pumpkin liqueur to top it all off. This yummy stuff is sure to wake the dead!

Fragrance family: Gourmand - Time of Day: Any - Mood: Sexy/Hungry

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