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Vervain, Cut (Verbena Hastata)


Actually the common name for the genus of Verbena, Vervain has long been known in herbalism and folk medicine, perhaps most commonly as an herbal tea. In Ancient Egypt it was known as Tears of Isis, and in Greece it was referred to as "Juno`s Tears," both referring to the divine qualities that it was believed to have. The Romans used it as well, often placing it on altars of Jupiter in sacrifice, and considered it among the most potent of sacrificial herbs. Early Christian lore also spoke of Vervain being applied to the wounds of Jesus after he was removed from the cross, and from this medieval lore also speaks of it being referred to as Holy Herb or Devil`s Bane. Some traditions also hold that it offers powerful protection against vampires, and other evil spirits, and it sees this use frequently still in some parts of Italy. When introduced to North America, the Native American Pawnee took it up and found use for it in reaching religious states as well as using it to better fathom their dreams. Medicinally, Vervain was at one point considered to be a great treatment for up to 30 different ailments. Today, most herbalists simply believe it to be good for fevers and ulcers, with some also thinking it an aid in treating pleurisy and other such ailments. Others still have used it in creating poultices, particularly for the treatment of headaches and rheumatism.

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