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Vanilla Beans, Whole (Vanilla Planifolia)


Vanilla Bean, or vanilla planifolia, is often referred to as the fruit of the vanilla plant, though in truth it is neither a fruit nor a bean. It is in fact the dried seed pod, presenting an appearance of an elongated stalk. Both the stalk and the seed of this plant produce its delightful, sweet fragrance and flavor. For this reason it is commonly used in culinary practices throughout the world, perhaps most notably in vanilla ice cream. Vanilla is also quite frequently found in the creation of aromatherapy fragrances and perfumes, and has been known for centuries as an aphrodisiac that can help stir desire and lust. Of old, vanilla was considered to be of use in treating fevers and other such illness, but today it is mostly used within the culinary arts. While some consider its ability to act as an aphrodisiac somewhat of a myth, some studies have indeed shown that it can increase hormone levels related to desire.

Choose From The Following:
• One Whole Bean
• 1/4lb. Bag, Whole

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