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Valknut Spell Tarot Box


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This gorgeous box is the perfect place to store sacred items and a perfect gift for those of the Asatru faith. On the top is an ornately-burned Valknut (Hrungnir's Heart),  It represents Odin's power over death and the afterlife. It is used as a sign of faith and is known to protect against malicious spirits.

On either side of the Valknut are Odin's Triple Horn. The 'Triple Horn's of Odin' is a stylized symbol of the Norse God Odin/Woden and is a symbol of commitment to the Gods.  On the bottom is inscribed "May the Gods guide my steps" in Elder Futhark runes.
This box measures 8.5"x 5.25"x 3.5". Stained a beautiful golden oak, and sealed for protection against moisture. Ready to Ship!

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