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Upright Raven Statue


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Appearing throughout the myths and legends of many cultures throughout history as well as many more modern stories, the Raven is often held to be sacred. Within Native American lore, the Raven is considered to be a great mystery, a source and guardian of ceremonial magic and healing circles. In Japan and India, Amatrasu and Brahma are said to take the form of the Raven, while in traditional Hebrew culture the Raven is said to represent destruction, and deceit while also being protectors of the Prophets. Throughout Europe, they are also recognized as symbols of wisdom and prophecy. This statue perfectly depicts this sacred bird. Sculpted of cold cast resin, it vividly details every feature of the bird, sitting perched upon a stone, from its dark plumage to the marks upon its beak and claws. The entire statue measures 6 1/2" high and approximately 4 1/2" wide at its widest point, making it well suited for fitting upon your altar or watching over your home.
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