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Uncrossing Unhexing Blend, for Banishing Negativity and Reversing


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This herbal blend has been created with the intention to cleanse, remove and reverse hexes, curses, crossed conditions, the evil-eye, malevolent spells and all kinds of negative energies that has been sent your way. It has been made with the most powerful herbs associated to clear and remove these conditions and to banish them from you and yours, and reversing it back to its source. It also creates a barrier of protection to keep these conditions away and will keep reversing them back to where they are coming from.

Burn the blend, dress candles, create infusions to add to your floor washes, laundry, cleanse furniture, doors, windows and wash the floor to spiritually cleanse your home of jinxed and crossed conditions. Use in rituals and spell works to remove love curses, illness curses, business and financial ruin curses, and any other curses placed upon you to destroy you. You can also use it to protect you from bad spirits lingering around you, and to burn while doing divination workings to protect you from being attack by negative evil energies. Use in rituals and spell works for protection, uncrossing and reversal. 

Mix with sea salt then place in a cotton bag to use in baths, such as uncrossing baths, pre-ritual baths, protection baths, before divination workings. Sprinkle around your home, your property, and around ritual circles to create a barrier of protection.

The blend will come to you in a 3 x 3 resealable plastic bag.
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