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Uncrossing Skull For Hex Reversing and Protection Magick


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This listing is for a fabulous large glass skull bottle filled with an herbal brewed potion created to reverse cross conditions, hexes, curses and negativity.

• Excellent to use in your uncrossing rituals to remove, reverse and block cross conditions.
• Place it hidden near your entrance door to protect you from those who would direct harm into your home.
• Bury on your property to create a barrier of protection and keep these conditions away and to keep reversing them back to where they are coming from.

• Excellent for candle magic. Place it on your altar to burn candles on top when performing rituals dealing with a specific malevolent intention, threat or annoyance.

Size: The skull measures approximately: 5 1/2" tall with cork, 5" wide front to back.
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