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Triple Moon Pentagram Box


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This unique trinket box combines wooden construction with the decorative accents of copper sheathing. Each exterior panel has been plated with antiqued copper and embossed with intricate patterns. You`ll find the sides decorated with a repeating pattern of pentagrams, bordered in a geometric pattern very much resembling the artistry of the ancient Greeks. This pattern is only broken by the appearance of a latch that holds the lid closed and can be lacked with a small lock. The upper half creates a peaked, angular lid that has been similarly plated and features the intricate design of a Triple Moon, with a pentagram at its center, on both its front and back peaks. The Triple moon is a symbol long used to represent the Maiden, Mother, and Crone, or the Triple Goddess. The pentagram is an ancient symbol of mysticism, believed often to represent the four elements ruled by the divine. Together they form a powerful symbol of mystic symbolism perfect for any altar. The entire piece measures approximately 6\" wide, 3\" tall, and 4\" deep.
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