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Triple Goddess Flip Top 12" Ash Catcher

$9.95 was $11.95

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This cleverly designed, flip top ash catcher is enchantingly carved of wood, and finished so as to bring out the true beauty of the wood`s grain and coloring. Sitting 12" long, 2" deep and 2 1/2" high, its front and back are decorated with metal inlays depicted the triple moon symbol of the Triple Goddess, as well as numerous smaller stars, while the lid is punctuated by an almost floral patterned of small holes piercing the lid. These holes allow you to place your stick incense within the box once the lid is opened and still have enough air circulating for it to burn, with the ashes falling into the tray provided. At one end of the ash catcher you will also find a small hidden panel, that flips open to allow you to store your incense sticks within.

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