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Tree of Life Altar Tile Paten


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* Handcraft by Artist SpiritCloud
* Use for Altar Tile of Wall Hanging
* Measures 6 inches in diameter
* Covered with a protective coating to last for years!

The meaning of Celtic tree of life can be interpreted in many different ways. The balance and harmony which is observed in nature can be best symbolized with the tree of life. However, balance and harmony are the result of many different forces which operate in the universe. The Celtic people attribute tree of life symbol to qualities such as wisdom, strength and longevity. Another Celtic tree of life meaning which can be derived from the design is that of rebirth. The meanings related to rebirth were derived from seasonal changes that the Celts observed in these trees. To mark the changes which trees of life underwent, the Celts performed various rituals. Changes seen by Celts in these trees were tagged as birth, death and rebirth. Tree of life is also a symbol of an entity which connects the upper and lower world. Roots of this tree penetrate the depths and connect with the lower world. Branches of this tree grow and stretch to the heaven. Trunk of the tree of life remains on the plane of earth. As per the beliefs of Druids, gods in the heaven communicated with human beings through trees of life. Growth of the tree of life is also associated with spiritual growth.
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