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The Millennial Gaia Statue


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Oberon Zell's greatest masterwork, the Millennial Gaia is the Goddess image for the new Millennium! This "Sermon in Stone" is Oberon's expression of a growing global Earth-based consciousness. More and more of "mainstream" culture is becoming aware of the name and concept of "Gaia." The Millennial Gaia is the a stunning statue! Thousands of people's lives have been touched by Oberon's enchanting vision of Mother Earth, The Millennial Gaia, and more people each day are drawn to Her life-affirming beauty. Letters and reviews from people of many traditions and walks of life show us how deeply The Millennial Gaia moves people throughout the world. Even the color photos don't do justice to this powerful figure of Gaia. She is the Earth and everything that lives upon it, represented by numerous animals (living and extinct), birds, trees, flowers, plants etched on her skin, in her hair... A teaching tool for you and your children, She comes with a printed guide to every image. Her facial features are a blend of all races, as it should be. She exemplifies the interconnectedness of all being... She is grounding to be around. Oberon has done his master work in this piece."

Product Details
Finish: Colored Finish
Size: Just over 6.5"

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