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The Haunted Mansion Gothic Perfume Oil from the KrAzY KaRnIvAl collection 1/8 fl oz


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"The Haunted Mansion" unisex Gothic perfume oil from the "KrAzY KaRnIvAl" collection 1/8 fl oz in an amber colored apothecary vial.

One of the things I love about the Carnival is the House of Horrors, always named something fun like "The Haunted Mansion". Freaky, automated and sometimes live creepy creatures pop at you as the rickety rail car jerks you left and right, always aiming your view at the next fright about to jump out at you :) Fun!

Inspired by such fun is this creation:
Creepy notes of black leather seat belts, black labdanum, cocoa absolute, dark chocolate, sweet woody notes of tobacco absolute. and dark patchouli essential oil, with a splash of spilled-out- of- fright rootbeer. 

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