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Teaching Handbook for Wiccans & Pagans by Thea Sabin


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As the Pagan and Wiccan communities grow, so does the need for teachers, mentors, and role models. For those who want to share their knowledge, teaching can be very empowering and spiritual experience. But practicing the Craft and teaching it are two very different things. In this timely guide, popular Wiccan author and teacher Thea Sabin presents clear techniques for creating a curriculum, including sample syllabi. She also provides instruction and guidance on crucial aspects of becoming an effective and inspiring teacher. You will also find interviews from several respected Pagan teachers, such as Patrick McCullum, Holli Emore of cherry Hill Seminary, Christopher Penczak, and T. Thorn Coyle as we as great advice and tips such as: How to develop teaching methods for adult learners. How to manage group dynamics. How to give great presentations. How to find and screen students. How to set up online classes. How to cultivate patience and humility.

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