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Tarot and Astrology by Corrine Kenner


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Deeply entwined for six centuries, the art of tarot and the science of astrology have an undeniably powerful link. With this unique and user-friendly guidebook, you can easily learn to combine tarot and astrology for yourself - and expand your tarot practice while enriching your life. Well-known tarot reader Corrine Kenner expertly teaches you everything you need to know, starting with tarot and astrology basics, the cards` archetypal symbols and imagery, the twelve signs of the zodiac, and the planets. You`ll discover how to every card in the tarot relates to astrology, and learn to: Read tarot cards and interpret an astrological chart Recognize the twelve houses` ruling signs and planets Pair the planets, signs, and houses with heir corresponding tarot cards Understand the astrological associations of the Minor Arcana Make connections among the Court Cards, tarot suits, and the four elements Identify each card`s qabalistic associations Give insightful readings for yourself and others You`ll also find practical astrological spreads, interpretive techniques, real-life examples, and sample readings for everyday people and famous figures, including Salvador Dali, Marilyn Monroe, and Prince William.

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