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Swamp Witch Mojo, Gris Gris Bag


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This listing is for one Swamp Witch Mojo Bag.

Made from my unique blend fine herbs, roots, and curios, this bottle is loaded with powerful ingredients to suit the needs of the swamp witch on the bayou, or in the city, designed to cover a witch's most important needs. Great for small spaces, and would make a magickal gift. Carry it with you or hang in your home, car, office, or wherever you wish.

It contains such items as:
  • Devil's Shoestring
  • Slippery Elm Bark, to silence those who would spread lies and malicious gossip about you.
  • Graveyard Dirt
  • 4-Way Crossroads Dirt, hand collected by me, on a Monday, at 3 pm, with appropriate gifts left for Papa Legba, the Guardian of the Crossroads.
  • Elecampagne, for love, protection, and psychic powers
  • Snake Skin Sheds (cruelty free, meaning the snake was not harmed), an ingredient for cursing your enemies.
  • Licorice Root, to gain power over others, change someone's mind. A commanding root.
  • Mistletoe, to ward off illness ad negativity. Charm for luck while hunting. Is also a commanding/compelling herb. Also protects from unwanted advances.
  • Star Anise, stops misfortune, increases luck and psychic awareness.

*Also contains many other fine ingredients that are part of the traditional hoodoo recipe for Law Stay Away formulas, also ingredients for cleansing, drawing wealth, attracting the good opinion of others, restful sleep, mental alertness and clear thinking, divination, and Money Drawing ingredients.

It is made with sparkly black felt, dark green felt, and is tied with jute, black and sage colored ribbons and adorned with Spanish Moss. It is adorned with a Tibetan Silver chicken foot charm.
You can find more ritual and spell supplies from the maker of this item by visiting their shop here: The Barefoot Witchery.

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