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Sterling Silver filled Yin/Yang Pendant


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Sterling silver filled wire hand shaped and formed into this lovely Yin/Yang symbol.This one is embellished with tiny faceted gemstones~bright golden flecked sunstone & stunningly blue apatite.
Everything in the universe has it balance point and this is the perfect symbol of that balance. It is a very personal symbol-representing the positive/negative, masculine/feminine,dark/light powers of the universe.
It measures about 1 3/4inches from the top of the bail to the bottom of the pendant.
Side to side the yin/yang symbol measures 1 1/2".

Bear in mind that since each one is crafted individually by my own hand; sizes are an approximation.

PLEASE NOTE: This is for the pendant ONLY. NO chain is included with it.

ALSO NOTE: I have created this line of pendants for those of us that love our symbols but cannot quite afford the more costly sterling silver WOVEN pieces that I specialize in. Sterling silver filled is 1/10 sterling silver filled wire contains 10% sterling silver by weight. It is bonded, using heat and pressure to a brass core. It performs exactly the same as sterling silver, does NOT flake like silver plated, tarnishes and can be polished
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