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Stag Damascus Athame


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The Stag Damascus athame is a beautifully ornate ritual tool that is that earns its name through the fact that its handle has been crafted from a carved piece of deer antler. Fitting comfortably into the hand, the horn feels as though it has been perfectly sculpted to cling to your palm, leaving your hand snug against the brass guard between it and the Damascus steel blade. Modern Damascus steel blends iron and steel in a method of pattern welding to create a blade that is both strong and flexible. The result leaves behind dark and light patterns within the metal that are beautiful to behold.

The result is a beautiful combination of metal crafting with the natural elegance of the deer antler used to craft the handle. The blade measures 3" long and has a single curved edge. The handle of the blade may vary in length, as the deer antler is a natural product from nature. It also comes with a 6 3/4" long leather sheath

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