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Spiritual Insight Witches Bottle for Divination, Guidance, Psychic, Spirits, Clairvoyance, Clarity, Focus, Protection


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This listing is for a witches bottle created to aid and guide you with your spiritual work. Place it near you when conducting divination work to enhance your wisdom, and to help empower your psychic ability and promote clarity to be able to focus on your work. Place it in the area where you perform your scrying, readings, or where you meditate. It is the perfect size to carry around with you when performing your work at fairs, festivals, and private calling sessions. You can place it inside your pocket, purse or on working table.

This blend also has ingredients to dispel negativity and to protect you from unwanted energies and from attacks during your workings with spirits. The energy on this bottle is incredibly intense.

It has been created with herbs, flowers, resins, spices, pins and other materials correspondent to its intended purpose, then sealed with candle wax. 

Bottle measures approximately 5" tall with cork. This glass bottle is tinted purple and has a nice shape and pattern. THESE BOTTLES HAVE BEEN CHARGED AND ARE READY FOR YOU TO PERFORM YOUR WORK. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions before purchasing.

This item is glass and fragile, so it must ship via Priority Mail, Insured to get it to you safely and fast. These bottles have been charged and are ready for you to perform your work. 

Witches bottles are created for a variety of reasons and concerns. They can be made for just about anything you want and/or need. They can be made to protect your property and family from all types of harmful intentions such as theft, intrusions, bad luck, hexes, curses, evil-eye, poverty, hunger, financial issues, negative energies. They can also be for cleansing, and to attract and draw love, money and stability. They are excellent tool for business success and to draw customers into your place of business, as well as to keep away unwanted people such as fake friends looking to destroy your life. They are to be buried in your property, inside your home/business in a large potted plant, or placed hidden at an undisclosed location. 
Witches' Bottles, also known as Spell bottles, are ancient protection spells of great power, that have been used in England and the United States since the 15th century. They were originally created to destroy the power of an evil magician or witch thought to have cast a spell against you and/or yours. They were often made of ceramic and stone vessels, filled with hair, nails, and urine. These witches' bottles are still being created for a variety of purposes and used in numerous ways, usually a glass jar/bottle filled with various objects of magical potency. They are then buried, hidden, placed on window sills or in other prominent spots. All are concentrations of energy, created and empowered for specific magical purposes. 

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