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Small Square Pentacle Plaque - Wood Finish


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This small square pentacle plaque has beautiful Celtic characteristics. The pentacle, a sacred symbol within the craft, represents numerous things. With most traditions, the pentacle is a representation of the elements, including the spirit. With its 5 points and its outer circle, as a whole the pentacle can be used to represent universal wisdom and the connection of the divine. The pentacle is often corresponded with the element of Earth and prosperity. Upon a traditional Wiccan altar, the pentacle is also used as a focal point for magical intent. Use this beautiful plaque as an altar tile or hang upon your walls to adorn your home or sacred space. This small pentacle plaque is carved with knotwork including the ram-headed serpent. The serpent is a symbol of the Forest Lord who reigned during the dark of the year - Samhain to Beltane. This pentacle is made from cold cast resin with a wood finish. 

Size: 3.0" x 3.0" x 0.5"
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