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Six Drawer Pentagram Herb Cupboard


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A uniquely lovely piece for your sacred space, this pentagram cupboard blends styling with utility, with six fully functional drawers in which you can store your herbs and other ritual ingredients. The unique design features pointed corners at its top and bottom, sweeping inward in curving arcs to create an almost star-like appearance within its otherwise rectangular shape. This is accented simply with a black, stained finish to its wooden surface and the three pentagrams that accent its two sides and top.

The front facing also features pentagrams, with one skillfully carved into the surface of each of its six drawers around a central pull ring used to tug the drawers open. Each drawer is large enough to contain jewelry, amulets, and small amounts of herbs, making it a great way to stay organized with your ingredients and spell tools while preparing your next ritual. The whole piece measures approximately 8 1/4" wide, 9 1/2" tall, and 4" deep.

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