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Shi Shi Blend Overcome Obstacles, Poverty, Attracts Wealth


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This is a very powerful formula created to remove all kinds of obstacles and attract all kinds of wealth and good luck. Also called "Emergency Magick" for its reputation to get you out of bad situations very fast. 

Burn it in rituals and spell work to eliminate poverty and draw wealth and prosperity, and to remove obstacles and negative people from your path keeping you from advancing forward and reaching your goals. Perfect for mojo bags and to dress candles. First anoint the candle, then roll it over the herbal blend. Burn candles while spell working to enhance and strengthen your magick. Sprinkle some of the blend inside your wallet or purse; around window sills and at the entrance of your home and/or business place to keep money flowing in; place some inside cash registers and in your shoes; sprinkle around your place of employment to keep your job position secure and to strengthen the chances of promotions and great raises. Sprinkle some of the blend inside your car to keep your car payments up to date. Rub the blend on your hands before playing game of chances and rub on dollar bills while envisioning this money returning back to you in triples. Rub on anything you want to add power and e nergy to. 

Warning: This product contains clove which can irritate your skin, so if you intend to use on skin, please make sure to do a small skin test on your self before use. You can mix this blend with talcum powder if you like to tone it down a bit.

Will come to you in a 1/2 ounce bottle.
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