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Shamanic Spirit Smudging Fan


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Our Shamanic Spirit smudging fan is magically crafted for smudging. This smudging fan is made with three large white, black and gray feathers, accented by three smaller feathers at the base. The handle has been covered in natural-toned faux suede. Attached is a vibrant turquoise, white, red and black beaded patch which adds color as well as a sturdy base to grasp while smudging. The matching fringe has been accented with white tube beads, silver beads and feathers. Smudging feathers can be used with any incense or smudge including Sage, Cedar, Sweetgrass and resins to purify your home, objects or people. Smudge fans can also be used for ritual and ceremonial purposes as well. Since antiquity, feathers from various birds have been used for decorative purposes, rituals and ceremonies. Feathers are believed to contain the spirit and powers of the bird they can from and these attributes can be called upon to aid the user.

Total Length: 10.00"
Width: 4.00" 
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