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Seated Moon Goddess Statue - Wood Finish


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This pagan moon goddess statue is sitting upon her throne, which is graced with the phases of the moon. She is crowned with the horned crescent. In her lap she cradles a scrying bowl representing receptivity, intuition and the magical womb of transformation. On her right side a rabbit looks on, her emblem of life, fertility, and beginnings. On her left the crow cries out as her messenger, symbolic of the waning years of life and the ultimate passing from this life into the next. The back of her throne depicts the Wiccan Triple Goddess in her three aspects as Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

Use this gorgeous statuary to represent the divine or deity that you work with or worship. This moon goddess statue is a perfect size for any altar. 

Size: 8.0" tall x 3.0" wide x 3.0"depth
Color: Wood colored finish - cold cast resin. 

See matching seated horned god statue here. This statuary also comes in a stone colored finish. 

Note: This statuary is based off of original carvings by Paul Borda. The patina on these statuary are hand finished, so coloring could slightly vary.
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