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Seated Horned God Statue - Wood Finish


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Our horned god statue is created with intricate and beloved Pagan symbolism, making it an all around perfect statuary for any altar or sacred space. The Forest God sits upon his dais, noble and strong. Within the crown of his antlered brow burns the spiritual fire of transformation, initiation and creative force. Ram headed snakes interlace themselves within the pentacle below him. The Lord's throne is supported on his right by the bull- representative of power, strength and virility. On his left is the mythic stag- an emblem of wildness, sovereignty, and the bountiful forest. His aspect as "Lord of the Dance" is displayed on the back side of the statuary, adding further intricacy and detail. The dance was performed to bring fertility to the crops and to his people. This horned god statue can be used to represent any god or male pagan deity that you work with or worship.  

Size: 8.0" high x 3.0" wide x 3.0" depth
Color: Wood colored finish - cold cast resin. 

See matching seated moon goddess statue in wood finish. This horned god statuary also comes in a stone colored finish as well. 

Note: This statuary is based off of original carvings by Paul Borda. The patina on these statuary are hand finished, so coloring could slightly vary.
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