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Sea Salt, Fine


Sea salt has been used for centuries among coastal communities for cooking, cosmetics, and medical purposes. In culinary practice, the mineral content provides a unique flavor that differs from ordinary table salt. This results in Sea salt used in a variety of gourmet recipes, specialized potato chips, and other such foods. It was also a basis for economics ina variety of communities dating back to the Roman Empire, where it was often paired with another market such as beef or pork distribution to profit on the export of salted meets. In spiritual practices, sea salt is sometimes used in a wash for scrying mirrors and rituals of consecration and purification. This is particularly common in the consecration of magical tools and crystals. Sea salt has also been used to sooth away aches and pains in wounded and damaged tissues. This fine grade sea salt offers these same qualities but with the benefit of being smaller in grain size, making it more comfortable in the creation of bath salts and cosmetic processes.

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