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Santisima Muerte Oil for Protection, Justice and Success


This oil is used to invoke Santisima Muerte for Her assistance, especially with helping solve difficult problems. It is said that she grants favors and miracles, brings justice and vengeance, helps attract love and brings back a strayed lover, brings security, stability and steady work. Call upon Her to protect you and your family from any harmful energies, the evil-eye, malevolent spirits and demons. This oil is good to wear when performing divination and when working with spirits to protect you from psychic attack.

This oil can be used for dressing candles, ritual tools, add to bath salts and floor washes, sprinkle around the house for protection and wear to bring favors.

Santisima Muerte is the bringer of transformation and bestows blessings in abundance to Her devoted followers. Be sure that you are following Her and not using Her just for her favors, or you may sadly lose things from your life, rather than gain them.

Santisima Muerte (Most Holy Death) is known by many names: Santa Muerte (Holy Death), Señora de Sombras (Lady of Shadows), Señora Blanca (White Lady), La Flaca (Skinny Lady), and Angel of Death. She is often depicted as a skeleton, draped in a tunic, carrying various objects symbolizing what she can offer to those who request Her help. Call on Her in difficult situations, especially where justice is needed.

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