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Santa Marta La Dominadora Spell


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Santa Marta La Dominadora (Saint Martha the Dominator) Spell includes the following: One 7 Day dressed and charged Vigil Candle dedicated to Santa Marta, one .50 glass vial of Santa Marta Oil blend, using the traditional recipe, Scroll with Prayer to Santa Marta and suggested acceptable offerings to her.

When you need a powerful ally, Santa Marta is the lady for the job. She can get the job done! She is the one to call on when you need to have a lost love return to you, or if you need to take control over another person or situation. Some examples include: marriage, separation, divorce, out of control children, happy home, domestic problems, straying lovers or spouses, financial assistance, family problems, custody issues, legal matters, etc. She is also a powerful ally for business women. She will defend and be there for you.

She is known to be able to resolve even the most dire and seemingly unsolvable cases. And woe be unto the person who is on the other end of her wrath!

She is a powerful spirit, and she deserves your respect and your thanks for her help. You don't want to get on her bad side, yourself.

Traditionally, candles to her are typically lit on nine consecutive Tuesdays for a Novena style service, or once every day or every week for ongoing work.

This candle is dressed with some very powerful herbs for commanding and controlling, as well as protection. I have added to the traditional formula with a few more ingredients that go well with the others. I recently made one for a very good customer with a dire family situation. When she got it in the mail she messaged to tell me how powerful it felt when she held it!

*This item is made to order and may take up to 1-2 days to create and ship

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