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Samhain Ritual Sabbat Candle


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Our new Samhain Sabbat Ritual Candles are a perfect way to add another layer of ritual to your Samhain sabbat festivities. Each candle is hand poured and filled with corresponding herbs and essential oils pertaining particularly to Samhain. A mix of powerful ritual herbs are added throughout the entire pillar candle. Adorning these ritual candles is a keepsake pentacle that can be used as a pendant to wear during Samhain or as a reminder to you of your special sabbat ritual. Each candle also comes with a mystical Samhain Chant/Incantation, which is printed on the sepia tone wrapper. These quality candles are not only worth it, but they will help bring even more magick to your Samhain celebration. *Note: NEVER leave a burning candle unattended. REMOVE all outer adornments before lighting and burning. LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE!!

Size: 7.0" Tall x 1.5" Wide
Weight: 7oz  

Samhain Sabbat Candles where provided to Eclectic Artisans from Enchanted Earth Metaphysical Shop-Dunedin, FL.
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