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Sacred Circle (deck & book) by Franklin/ Mason


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The Sacred Circle Tarot is a new concept in tarot design, combining photographs, computer imaging and traditional drawing techniques to create stunning images. It draws in the Pagan heritage of Britain and Ireland, its sacred sites and landscapes. Key symbols unlock the deepest levels of Pagan teaching. The imagery of the cards is designed to work on a number of levels, serving as a tool not only for divination but to facilitate meditation, personal growth and spiritual development. The "sacred circle" refers to the progress of the initiate from undirected energy, through dawning consciousness, to the death of the old self and the emergence of the new. The Major Arcana is modified somewhat to fit the pagan theme of the deck. For example, "The Fool" becomes "The Green Man," "The Heirophant" becomes "The Druid," and "The World" becomes "The World Tree." The accompanying book gives full explanation of the symbolism in the cards and their divinatory meanings. Kit includes 78 full-color cards and a 336 page book.

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