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Rowan Tree Poster


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The Rowan tree is a tree with deep mythological roots, spanning Greek, Norse, and Celtic mythology. It is the wood used to make rune staves, and is said to offer protection against curses and enchantment. The Rowan Tree Poster explores these qualities with the written prayer of Travis Bowman and the beautiful, Celtic-inspired illustration of Eliot Alexander. Printed upon an 8\" by 11\" sheet of parchment paper, it reads: Creation Tree Protector and faery-friend, Rowan, I thank you for Your endless gifts. Bless you for the healing power In your leaves And the vitality and vision Hidden in your fruit. You who balances Intuition and logic, Whose wood can make Both staff and wand, Help me elegantly Entwine these properties As I walk my path. Teach me to flourish In the highest mountains, To blaze brightly As I reach for the sun, And to cast fear aside As I grow in the ways I most need.

Size: 8 1/2” x 11"


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