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Rose Hips, Whole (Rosa Canina)


Rose Hips are the fruit of the rose plant. Many myths have long held that these small fruits are poisonous, but modern study has since disproved this misconception. Indeed, despite this folk belief rose hips have also long been used in the creation of herbal teas, jams, jellies, and marmalades. They have also long been used to flavor wines, as well as a soup that is quite popular in Sweden. In the mid ages, Rose Hips were even utilized to make a variety of mead. While these culinary practices were popular in Europe, the Native Americans often applied Rose Hips to medicine, using them to treat cold and flu. Today they are perhaps most commonly found in home fragrance and potpourri. During World War II they were also used in England to make Vitamin C syrup for children, as the more commonly used fruits and vegetables were hard to come by due to German blockade. In some folklore, the fruits of the rose plant were also aid to be quite useful in calling good spirits and bringing good luck. In more recent years, herbalists still frequently prescribe rose hips for their high concentration of Vitamin C. It is also common for them to be used in the treatment of cold and flu and similar symptoms. Others still have applied a rose hips tonic as a laxative, or even as a topical treatment for acne.

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