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Roaring Gumption Specialty Oil For Courage


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Roaring Gumption, for an added dose of courage when you need it.

No matter the reason, Roaring Gumption's purpose is to give you that extra nudge you need, when it's not the time to be timid, afraid, or shy. Go ahead and show your teeth and roar!

Afraid to attempt that spell that you've been thinking about? Thinking of making a change in your life for the better? Wanting to ask for a raise or promotion, or need to have a serious talk with someone but don't know where to start? The first step is the hardest. 

Use Roaring Gumption in conjunction with your other spellwork, or use it alone.

You will receive one small resealable bag of Roaring Gumption herbal blend, which can be used to stuff poppets, burn as an incense, include in a mojo bag, or whatever you need or wish. The .50 glass vial of oil can be used to anoint poppets, papers, petitions, candles, or whatever your need may be.
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