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Ritually Collected Ancestral Graveyard Dirt


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Due to the special nature of acquiring some of my dirts, this is one that is limited in quantity. The price of these specialty dirts reflect the difficulty in acquiring them and/or the ritual involved.

Graveyard Dirt is used for a variety of reasons in magickal spells and rituals. Examples include communication with spirits, ancestor work, curses, and protection. 

Remnants of spellwork are often buried in a graveyard if the practitioner wants their work to be carried out by spirits, or to symbolize laying a matter to rest. 

Graveyard Dirt must be gathered with the utmost respect by someone who knows what they are doing when working with spirits. One must properly ask permission to enter, permission to gather the dirt from whomever's grave before scooping any up, and to show respect and leave a small offering of thanks. 

The Graveyard Dirt that I gather is from an ancestral grave, who was also a practicing witch. The dirt from a magical practitioner's grave can be used for virtually anything and is very powerful.
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