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This listing is for an Altar Starter Kit that I have created and put together with basic ritual tools and spell materials necessary to perform your rituals and magick spell work. This kit would make an ideal gift for a beginner or an initiate to the craft. You can also use the herbs and oil blends to make other magickal creations. 

7 OIL BLENDS (one dram), created with essential oils:
--Love Attraction Oil
--Money Drawing Oil
--Focus and Alert Oil
--Cleansing and Blessing Oil
--Uncrossing and Reverse Oil
--Divination Oil
--Stop Gossip And Slander Oil

7 HERBAL BLENDS (2 x 3 bag):
--Love Attraction Herbal blend
--Money Drawing Herbal blend
--Focus and Alert Herbal blend
--Cleansing and Blessing Herbal blend
--Uncrossing and Reverse Herbal blend
--Divination Herbal blend
--Stop Gossip And Slander Herbal blend (2x2 bag)

7 CHIME CANDLES (7 different colors):
--1 red
--1 green
--1 white
--1 black
--1 yellow
--1 blue
--1 orange

7 Rosemary Incense Cones
1 Roll Charcoal (10 discs)

1 Cast Iron Cauldron burner with lid and wood handle
1 3" Soapstone pentagram tile
1 Athame, double edged stainless steel blade, wood handle brass trim, Leather sheath included.
1 4" chalice featuring an engraved pentagram on the cup
1 Journal to note your spell work and/or recipes (if pictured journal is not available you will receive a beautiful journal of equal or higher value, whichever is available at purchase)

--Calling Quarters Ritual Instructions
--Tools Cleansing & Blessings Instructions
--Days Of Week Magick Correspondence
--Candle Color Magick Correspondence.
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