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Raspberry Leaf, Cut (Rubus Idaeus)


While many hear the word Raspberry and think only of the famed berries, the leaves of the Raspberry plant (Rubus idaeus in Latin), have long been known to possess a great many virtues. With a high concentration of vitamins and minerals, the leaves are sometimes used in aiding pregnancy and delivery. With vitamins C and E present in large amounts, as well as A and B complex, the leaf is supposed to also aid the immune system of women a great deal, and facilitate healthy skin and bone development for babies. It also helps promote circulation, aiding the mother whose blood volume increases a great deal during pregnancy. Containing alkaloids, the leaves of the Raspberry plant are also supposed to help tone muscle, aiding the mother during the actual birthing process. Herbalists of old have also indicated that it can enrich mother`s milk, especially when the baby is going through a growth spurt. In metaphysical and occult traditions, Raspberry leaves are also often spoken of as having the ability to aid in producing visions of a divinatory nature, as well as aiding in spells of protection and love. Raspberry Leaf tea is still often held as a useful infusion to be employed as a gargle for sore mouths and throats. Some herbalists also hold that it can be used to treat throat ulcers, as well as a wash for wounds and ulcers in general. In other cases, herbalists have developed treatments that utilize raspberry leaf to treat stomach pain and discomfort.

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