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Branwen's Magickal Purification Potion is for all those times that you feel as if you are being held back from your spiritual progression by the negativity or hostility of toxic people around you. Even the most dauntless of us can sometimes fall into this trap and feel as if any forward momentum has ground to a halt. Oh, the drama!

What's important to remember is that those energies aren't yours and there is no need for you to continue to hold onto them. My Purification Potion was created to help you get rid of them. I gathered each herb with the conscious intention of what this potion was for, calling upon each of the Plant Spirits in the manner of the Pharmakeute of Old. I then imbued the simmering concoction with Old World Magic to help you release the negative psychic gunk that's gumming up the works for you.

Uses for this potion are limited only by your imagination. Using the magickal principle of "once together, always together", you need only add a few drops to your bathwater for a transformative cleansing, anoint yourself with it, add a drop or two to a bucket and wipe down your doors, or even add a few drops to a spray bottle of spring water and spritz your space clear so that you can get back to the business of being dauntless. 

Brewed with fresh herbs from my own gardens which are tended organically and in accordance with the Old Ways without toxic chemicals, pure fresh spring water from the gorgeous Mt. Monadnock, and kosher sea salt.


Listing is for 1 ounce in an amber glass bottle with convenient dropper.

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