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Psychic Self-Defense by Dion Fortune


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With everything now being learned about energy, the mind, and human consciousness, this early classic by Dion Fortune still vibrates with truth and an awesome beauty. More than a manual for safeguarding yourself against psychic attack, more than a dossier of supernatural encounters, Psychic Self-Defense is a revelation of how the true danger may lie not in external malevolence or free-floating evil, but in our own human ignorance of how things work. One of the most celebrated teachers of the Western Mystery Tradition and the founder of The Society of the Inner Light, Fortune herself was the victim of a psychic attack as a young woman. She went on to a life-long study of human psychology and occultism, producing a string of classic texts including What is Ocultism?, The Mystical Qabalah, Aspects of Occultism, Glastonbury: Avalon of the Heart, and many others. Fortune died in 1946. This is a 238 page softcover book.

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