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Perhaps most famously recognized as the Egyptian god with the head of a jackal, Anubis is the ancient Egyptian god of the afterlife. Within ancient Egyptian culture his position among the gods was sacred, and of great importance, as he is the guardian of the dead. Anubis is the patron god of embalmers, who preserve the dead, and is also often viewed as the Lord of the Dead, who guards the scales of the underworld and weighs the heart of the dead against a feather, determining the place of the deceased within the underworld. Here he is portrayed as a stern figure, with the burly, broad-chested body of a man and the traditional jackal-head, set with a serious expression. With the feet of a jackal, Anubis stands legs are set in a defiant stance implying that none shall get by him - an expression supported by the scowl upon his face and the arms folded across his chest. Hand-painted, his vestments and spear are shown in traditional gold tones while his skin is jet black, leaving a stark impression. Made of cold cast resin, the statue stands 10 3/4" in height. Place it upon your altar in respect and reverence of the dead, and to remind yourself of the balance we must all seek to achieve in life before our hearts are weighed.

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