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Protection for Children Mojo, Gris Gris Bag


Protection for Children Mojo Bags are designed to help you and your child feel secure, safe, and protected as they go about their day. They can carry it with them discreetly in a pocket or backpack to school, outings, an overnight trip to a friend or family member's house. Or anytime for security if they feel nervous or uncertain about a place or surroundings, such as a new classroom or teacher, etc.

These mojo bags contain my own special blend of fine herbs and roots, chosen especially for their metaphysical qualities of protecting children.

Includes such fine ingredients as blue cohosh, motherwort, vervain, and much more.

Choose from the salmon pink Mojo bag with a little girl charm, or the blue Mojo bag with the little boy charm.

* Choose whether you want a mojo bag for a boy (blue) or a girl (pink).
You can find more ritual and spell supplies from the maker of this item by visiting their shop here: The Barefoot Witchery.

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