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Protection Blessed Herbal Pillar Candle


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When negative people or situations surround you, this protective pillar candle may help fortify your defense against those negative things that come your way. Part of the “Blessed Herbal” line of candles from Coventry Creations, these black candles are hand-poured using high-grade natural waxes and infused with an essential oil blend of Myrrh.

Myrrh (sometimes called Mirra) has been used for thousands of years as a means of protection and purification. In ancient Egypt, it was typically burned to honor Ra, the sun god. Myrrh is also frequently used to purify and spiritually cleanse talismans or other magical items. Myrrh is also said to enhance the power of other herbs and oils used in magickal workings, as well as increasing vibrational energies in magickal workings. Myrrh is frequently used in concert with frankincense. Use this candle as a general altar candle (to be lit while working magick) to add a little oomph to your rites or you can use the candle spell/incantation within its label to work a little candle magick spell by itself.

Coventry Creations has been hand pouring candles for over 15 years and use only the finest waxes and ingredients to create their candle line. All candles are hand poured "when the moon is right." Each blessed herbal pillar candle comes with a spell to inspire your magical efforts. 

Size: 7.0" x 1.5"
Burning Time: 40 Hours
Weight: 7.0 oz

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