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Poppet Spell Kit - Attract Love


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A poppet is meant to be representative of yourself or someone else in a magical working. The poppet is filled with herbs, stones, and/or other magical items to help manifest your spell.

My hand-cut, hand-stitched poppets are nothing like what you might have come across in most metaphysical shops. Every single poppet is cut out by me from pure cotton flannel and then stitched together by hand (not machine) with cotton thread where every embroidery knot is made to hold the intention of the particular spell, in this case, to attract love.

My poppets are sewn with love and intention and that is how they will arrive in your hands. The kit come complete with:

1. Cotton Poppet, partially hand-embroidered (left open for you to fill it)

2. Herbal blend comprised of 100% Certified Organic herbs
3. A list of suggested gemstones that you may wish to add, but which are not required for the working to be successful. 
4. A red candle
5. Thread to close the poppet once you've added everything you wish inside
6. A scroll with instructions and a magical charm to attract love, either for yourself or on another's behalf. 

By law, I am required (because we live in a litigious society) to tell you that this item is a fun purchase, for entertainment purposes only.
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