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Peppermint Leaf, Cut (Mentha Piperita)


Long known to be a popular herb for its smell and taste, there is evidence of Peppermint Leaf (or Mentha piperita in Latin) being cultivated dating as far back as the Ancient Egyptians. The Romans too were known to have loved it, and through this it spread from Southern Europe throughout their vast empire. Medical interest in the leaf was first recorded by the Roman philosopher and writer Pliny, and other documentation dating back to works of the 14th century show it being used for medical purposes by the people of Iceland. By the time of the Elizabethan period, more than 40 ailments were reportedly remedied by mint. Today, however, it is most commonly used in herbal teas and capsules, though the leaf itself is occasionally chewed as a breath freshener. Old lore also holds that it is quite good for stimulating visionary dreams and psychic ability. Modern herbalists speak of it as an agent that aids in the elimination of foreign particles, and therefore digestion, and within this process can calm the stomach. It has also been shown to relax intestinal muscles, and reduce cramping. It can also be used as a natural relief to respiratory difficulties, and is said to reduce nausea and heartburn. Some herbalists also claim that it can improve bile production, and flow, as well as discourage the growth of harmful bacteria.

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