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Pentagram Pendulum Board


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* Handcraft by Artist Spiritcloud
* Use for Dowsing, Decoration or Divination
* Measures 6 inches in diameter
* Board includes pendulum and instructions on pendulum use
* Covered with a protective coating to last for years!

The paten is made of wood, having a five-pointed star inscribed on it. In most Pagan and Witchcraft traditions it symbolizes the elements of Earth. The top point represents true spirit; or the Goddess, the other four points symbolize the elements of creation: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. The star, as a whole, symbolizes the spirit bringing the elements into natural harmony and enclosed within a circle is a symbol of protection. Pendulums are used as a divination (a foretelling) tool, as are tarot cards, medicine cards, I Ching, and runes. Pendulums are a great tool that can be used in confusing times where you need yes or no answers to questions. The pendulum can be used to: determine romantic compatibility, uncover reasons for phobic reactions, find lost articles, determine sex of unborn child/children, uncover reasons for resistance to weight loss. define the best suggestions for use in self hypnosis induce hypnosis or self hypnosis question witness in forensic investigations do pendulum dowsing as a food finder have fun at parties have fun picking lottery numbers, winners at the track... metaphysical, esp, and so on. The pendulum board is a one of a kind work of art by woodburning artist SpiritCloud. No two are alike.
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